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What is "Speaker Brand"?

Is it a course? Is it a workshop? It is coaching? Is it one-on-one? Is it a group?

Yes & No.

Yes, it has those. No, it is not those.

Speaker Brand is the path for you to become a paid professional speaker

to make the impact and income you dream of.

6 Week Course Curriculum

Combining video, written material, templates, questions, and many more resources, the six-week course work guides you from start to finish.

Group Support

You are not alone. We have years of experience in creating and enhancing community and camaraderie. We do this through group calls, the facebook community, live events, and our speaker agency.

Weekly Coaching

Each week you have access to the experts. Deliver your new keynote to get expert feedback, get clarity on your signature talk, gain tools for working with event organizers, and more.

Save the Date for the next Virutal or Onsite Workshop

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Not part of Speaker Brand yet?

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