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I'm honored that you would come visit. 

AAL holds a special place in my heart as it is was at AAL in 2019 that I decided to leave a cozy full time position to start my work in writing, speaking, and coaching.

I hope that my work encourages you and helps you!  Every day that is how I start my prayer.

FAQ's from AAL

This is just a short section I created to answer any questions that I thought might come up:

What are your best tips for being a successful author?

- Do everything SPS tells you to do.

- Edit your book EXTREMELY well.

- Get LOTS and lots of reviews.

How do I get lots of reviews?

- Ask lots of people, repeatedly, consistently, confidently, and kindly.

- Text every single person on your phone three times (create template requests)

- Help a LOT of people with their book, then ask them to help you.

Can I become a speaker even if I'm not good right now?

Yes. My friend was on the cover of People magazine for losing 150 pounds. She never thought she could until she was forced to change her diet and walk everywhere while living in Scotland. She realized that she COULD lose weight and it changed her life. Maybe you think you can't, but you CAN when you have a plan and put in the work. (Of course, that is part of what I help with at Speaker Brand.)

As a self-published and traditionally published author, which do you think is better?

They both have their strengths. It really depends. Traditional publishing can give some extra credibility, but you will prob make more money doing it on your own.

I need some help on my book, any thoughts? 

SPS groups and curriculum teach you everything you need to know. Memorize it! And get published by Chandler Bolt. Also read some other books and listen to podcasts. But seriously do the work that SPS gives.  It works.  

Should I become a coach?

Coaching is a sexier than it looks!  20 hours of coaching per week is a LOT of emotional work and takes energy. And most coaches can't get past the $100 an-hour threshold. There are other ways to coach as well: groups, programs, courses, etc.  All of it takes work. I've been quite successful but I started out STRUGGLING. I help a lot of clients gain clarity as part of our Speaker Brand work, but ultimately it comes down to you:

- Do you have a passion.

- Do you know your value as a coach.

- Are you willing to put in the energy. 

.... if yes, then yes. 

Are you writing more books?

Yes, two are done and I will write/publish more... My big energy now is focused on Speaker Brand. I've been able to build my career and now want to help others. There is only so much travel that I want to do, so now I will help others online and in workshops. If that is you and you want to apply for a breakthrough call, then I'd love to talk with you:

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